Video production for websites

The importance of video for websites

Video eCommerce represents a valuable, yet greatly underutilised media by websites. Studies show that users enthusiasm for video eCommerce SEO has continued to grow incredibly in the last five years.

The growing interest from website users, combined with websites common inability to meet that demand, offers a brilliant opportunity for ambitious businesses both large and small.

It is becoming more and more important to give users what they want.

Most online businesses’  have over 571,000 subscribers to their YouTube channels adding up to over 420 million views of eCommerce videos on YouTube in the first quarter of 2019.

They could avoid distraction from other websites by featuring their videos on their website.


What makes a good video?

A good video draws and maintains the viewer’s attention.

As all of the best video producers know, it is important to choose scenes, subjects and locations that are relevant, while keeping the viewer interested in the story you want to tell or the information you are trying to get across.

Well planned videos make for excellent execution

One of the most important elements required for the production of a video is an organised plan of each element of the production, from filming to post-production.

Long before the cameras are rolling, it is crucial to organise every element of the video.

Good video production

Video marketing is about getting across your message through video, in the best possible way, and therefore you need to distribute your message to the largest amount of your target audience.

People are fast adopting the best practices for publishing videos as part of their video SEO strategy.

We now provide a range of high-quality video production for websites, catered to the needs of your website, working with your style and design.

Advantages of having Video on your website

Having a video on your website is one of the best features you can add to your site if you want web users to engage with your content for longer and better understand the content you are putting out.

Adding a custom video to your website.

People react better to visual information, rather than written, by adding an engaging, well-produced video your site will not only boost its popularity but allow you to reach a bigger audience.