Business Branding and Rebranding

Refresh your image and refocus your energy, we can show you how.

Your image may be tired, out of date or it may not reflect what you do anymore. If the sector you work in has gradually changed over the years or your company pursues different work to that which it did in the past your existing branding may no longer match your business sector. These are all perfect reasons to update your branding.

If you wish to actively change the direction of your business away from past activities and have decided to break completely with the old company image then rebranding is for you.

Create Design Studio have personal experience of rebranding from our old name ‘I to Eye’ so we can advise you on all the things you can change, the costs involved in rebranding, and the opportunities that rebranding offers to your business. Taking advantage of the rebranding process can give your business a shot in the arm; it is a chance to re-connect with all your clients and to re-energise your marketing activities.

The organisation and process can be managed entirely by our experienced team, leaving you free to run your business throughout, and giving your business the chance to benefit from a fully rebranded image afterwards.

Rebranding is an excellent opportunity to re-connect with all the customers in your company’s contact list to tell them about the new name and to re-invigorate marketing activities that will drive sales.

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